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Fully Responsive

Firstly, what does ‘responsive’ even mean? In non-technical terms, if your website is ‘responsive’ it will work on mobile devices, like your customer’s smart phone or tablet. Also, our friends at Google have recently changed the way a Google search works on a smartphone – Results on a smartphone Google search will now prioritise responsive sites over non-responsive ones, meaning you may not even be getting a look in!

First things first – if you don’t have a website, we need to talk. Chances are that a competitor of yours does have a website, meaning they’re likely getting work from the thousands of people who use the internet. Our websites by printing.com offering only delivers responsive sites.

If you do have a website, is it responsive (it should automatically adapt and reflow to your mobile devices)? If not, you’re losing out to all of the competitors sites which are responsive (and they rank higher than you in Google searches!).

With websites by printing.com you’ll get a stunning website that works on mobile devices and connects your ‘shop front’ to thousands of potential customers. Let’s take your online customer engagement to the next level!

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Easy eCommerce

The number of people transacting online continues to grow year on year. More and more customers are buying online and are expecting that they can buy from businesses like yours, online.

Can your customers buy from you online?

Can your customers buy from one or more of your competitors online?

If your customers can buy from your competitors online, websites by printing.com can help you compete!

If your customers can’t buy from your competitors online, websites by printing.com can provide you with the advantage!

Don’t be fooled into thinking people don’t buy online anymore (that’s the way old people think!). People buy antiques, fish & chips, jewellery, degrees and all sorts of things online. People even buy print online!

More to the point, if people can buy from you online, then people can buy from you anytime. Yup, your physical business may be closed, but your online business is always open, allowing customers to buy when they want to buy (always a good option)!

With websites by printing.com you can have a ‘web shop’ for a lot less than you think. What if we were to say that pricing for a websites by printing.com web shop starts from just $3,500! We know that’s competitive and will allow you to dip your toe in the water of e-commerce.


The shift toward using mobile devices for shopping online continues, with over 40% of smartphone and 58% of tablet owners having purchased using their devices.*


According to a Google survey, 94 percent of people use a mobile phone to get local information, despite it being likely the person searching could do so on a desktop computer.


Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online, with record ownership and use transforming the way we communicate.†

 * ecommerce.org.nz † Ofcom



Simply put, clients have an expectation that it should be easy to interact with you online. If you’re in the service industry, bookings, reservations or even making appointments should be easy, both for you and your customers.

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Easy Contact Forms

Picture this (look quietly up to the sky), a seamless booking functionality on your website where the client is pleased that it’s so easy, and it automatically fills the available spots in your schedule. Ahhhh, shouldn’t it just be that easy?

With websites by printing.com it is.

Imagine having a website where the admin for you was quick and simple. No confusing long-winded training sessions for how to use your website – just quick and simple.

The great thing is that if you’re unsure, we can help walk you through the possibilities for how your business could better interact with your customers, making their customer experience superior to your competitor's.

Open your business up to the fast growing number of customers who wish to interact with your business in a hassle free manner.

Don’t hesitate, talk to the websites by printing.com team already!

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Content Management

Editing your website is easy. You can log in from anywhere to update text and change images. Websites by printing.com use very simple intuitive formatting tools.

Maybe you want to add a new team member on your website? You can simply duplicate another team member, replace the image and write a short bio. Simple!

If you forget how to do something, we have a handy how to section which you can use to refresh your memory and dive straight back in.

How do I edit my website?

Training, Hosting & Support

With websites by printing.com, you will have access to wonderful training and high quality support and hosting for your website.

Websites by printing.com provide a training session with every website launch and if you choose to, we can also provide ongoing support and training.

Your website will be hosted on the same proven platform and infrastructure used by famous names such as Netflix, Pinterest and Amazon.

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