FAQ's - Websites by PDC

How much is hosting?

The price of hosting depends on the level of traffic going through your website. For an idea of how much yours will cost get in touch with us.

Can I host websites myself?

It is possible, however for printing.com to be able to access and edit your site we’ll need to be the ones hosting.

Do you have access to fonts and images?

We have access to hundreds of fonts and stock images to ensure your site achieves the look and feel you’re wanting.

I don't have a logo, can you design me one?

Absolutely. We have a team of highly talented graphic designers who are able to create and supply logos.

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have?

You can have as many as your website needs.

Will my website show on a Google search?

Yes, your site will show on Google search.

How long does it take?

Our websites don’t take long at all. If you have time constrictions, just have a talk to us about your needs.

Do I need a mobile website as well?

No, everything we build is responsive so it will reformat to work on mobile devices as well as desktop.

Do you do printing, marketing and promotional material?

Yes, we have a number of services that can help you with any of your print, marketing or promotional needs. Get in touch with one of our local teams to find out what they could do for you.

What on going website services do you offer?

Once your site goes live we offer all of our clients ongoing support as well as a training service.


Feel free to contact us now!